"Never ignore anyone who cares about you because one day you will realize that you have lost a diamond while you were busy checking out plain old rocks."

joi, 7 ianuarie 2010

The Lucky Chinese Tag. From Missouri

8 lucky questions, 8 lucky answers! Tag from Missouri

1) T.V. shows Leo & former adoptive mom liked to watch.

Animal Cops – Animal Planet

Cats 101 – Animal Planet

Animal Precinct – Animal Planet

Garfield movie

Planet's Funniest Animals


2)Favourite places to eat &drink


The kitchen - near the plate with food for cats after playing with food

The mom's hand


Home, while looking at tv in the living

In the kitchen

3)Things I look forward to...


Meet my friends

Meet my former adoptive mom

Night to hunt everything that moves

To settle Mamy to jump on her knees and to rub and to purr

To follow my mom everywhere

A good nap on mom's knees


Meet my sweet Leo

To hug and to kiss Leo

Meet my friends


4) Things that happened yesterday


I was upset that my new grandmother caressed another cat

I played with my new brother and sister


I fed Ursu - the stray cat that I think is the father of Leo

I caressed Ursu and let him sleep at me for a while

I wrote on my blog

5) Things I love about winter


The heat from the house

I can sleep in bed behind pillows



The landscape

Winter holidays

6) Things I am passionate about


Playing with everything

Hiding objects in unknown places

Stealing things to play

Sleeping in the kitchen sink


Watching tv

Reading about animals

Taking care of animals


7) Words/Phrases I often use


"I wasn’t there"

"It wasn’t me"

"I didn't catch it"

"I do not know who did this"

“I am so sad – have you the soul to let me alone, to not get me in your arms and take me with you?”


“What I have told you?”

“What do I do with you?”

“My sweetie”

“Who is my little sweetheart?”

8) Things I've learned from the past


Don’t hide from those who love you

Do not let yourself intimidated by other cats

Do not go away from those who care for you

Do not run away from home


Unfortunately, I never learn from from my mistakes

I'd like this tag to go to anyone who want to take it…

nighty-night! Cat 13

2 comentarii:

  1. Corina, we love you, don't hide from us! :)Come back soon!
    Missy and Diana

  2. Hi Corina
    Its nice to know more about you two :-)
    Very fantastic post ...


    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)